Summa Cum Laude    
\ soom-uh koom lou-dey \ ,noun:

  1. Awarded to graduates to grant the highest of special honours for exceptional results.
  2. Latin., lit. “With Highest Praise.”

For much of our lives, we are governed by restrictions and boundaries. We are required to work to a given schedule, spend within a defined budget, and trade off what we want against our actual needs. We inherently seek balance and compromise, but on rare occasions something deep inside us rails against logic and restraint and sheer desire stakes its claim in our hearts and minds. When it comes to supercars and vintage classics, very little about them can be explained with words like logical, practical or sensible. They ignite a passion within us that resonates with our craving for freedom, exuberance and the quest for ultimate performance. For owners of supercars and cherished vehicles, we are proud to offer a course of detailing that places aspiration ahead of money and the search for absolute perfection before any limits or deadlines. A service in which our internationally acclaimed talents are unleashed and given free reign in pursuit of the ultimate result. A result of such distinction that it merits graduation Summa Cum Laude.

As no two vehicles are alike, there is no standard list of tasks that adequately describes everything required for a supercar or cherished vehicle to graduate Summa Cum Laude. However, as a bare minimum, over 50 hours of work will take place across at least 7 days. Every surface (both inside and out) will be thoroughly inspected, assessed, cleaned, polished and protected. The paint on each body panel will be measured up to 100 times with either an ultrasonic or Ruby-tipped Eddy Current gauge prior to (and throughout) removal of swirl marks and fine scratches. This is achieved by as many as 4 stages of machine polishing, using the finest, imported compounds and polishes. Deeper scratches are removed by first by wet-sanding the effected panel. In short, we will do whatever is necessary in the pursuit of perfection (without resorting to replacing parts or re-painting). Once the paint is polished to a jewel-like finish, the vehicle will be protected by a minimum of 3 separate applications of one of the most sought-after Carnauba waxes on the planet - "Vintage" by Zymol. Vintage Glaze is applied by many "Best of Show" winners on the US Concourse circuit and it is priced in the thousands of US Dollars. At Prestige Finishing School, Vintage is only available as part of a Summa Cum Laude detail - adding beauty, depth and the ultimate protection for your investment.

To enquire about booking your supercar or cherished vehicle in for a Summa Cum Laude detail, please email us at providing information about your car and its history.