Major Paint Correction Detail

This detail is designed for vehicles with more serious paint defects. It is inclusive of everything outlined for the Clean & Protect Detail, plus full correction of serious paint defects such as heavy swirl marks, light scratches and etching caused by bug remains and bird droppings. This is achieved by undertaking an intensive two or three stage machine polishing process, which involves compounding, polishing, and refining every square inch of the vehicle's bodywork. As you might expect, no two vehicles are the same, so detailed consultation with the owner is an important part of this process. This enables us to properly gauge your expectations as our customer, and tailor our efforts accordingly.

Ordinarily, correction of > 99% of paint defects present can be attained and this typically takes around 24 hours to complete, requiring that the work be spread over three days.

In some cases, customers have been quoted thousands of dollars to repaint panels that were thought to be beyond repair, but are instead enjoying a 'new car' finish for a fraction of the cost.

Download a detailed account of a Major Correction Detail here.

Subaru Imprezza WRX Wagon (4.0 MB)