Subaru WRX STi (Part 2)

Initial Assessment

At this point, we deviate somewhat from our standard Clean & Protect detail regime. The customer had identified a reasonably deep scratch running in an almost straight line down the middle of the bonnet, and also some severe 'scuff' marks on the side skirt where careless feet had done significant damage. There was also a nasty scratch on the top of the rear spoiler. He asked us to correct these specific defects in lieu of detailing his vehicle's interior, and we were happy to oblige. Under the unforgiving twin 500W Halogen lights, the defects were plain to see:

Though quite difficult to photograph, in this picture you can clearly see the deeper scratch, just above the reflection of the lights, as well as some minor swirl marks.

And again, notoriously difficult to convince the camera to focus on the defects, but you can plainly see the damage caused by footwear being scraped on the sill.

This shot of the spoiler was snapped out in the sun prior to the wash.

Course of Correction

We tackled the bonnet with a Meguiars G220 Dual Action Orbital Polisher and Meguiars 6.5" Polishing pad. Menzerna RD3.02 was the polish used to address the scratch. Menzerna RD3.02 is designed to restore dull, oxidised, neglected paint and remove major paint defects such as severe swirl marks and deep scratches. This polishing compound has revolutionised the paint correction process, as it is capable of removing such defects without leaving any surface hazing, meaning that fewer subsequent polishing steps with progressively finer polishes are required to refine the finish.

As you can see, the results are impressive!

The same product was employed on the driver's side skirt, this time applied on a smaller 4inch Lake Country CCS cutting pad.

100% correction of the panel achieved. The spoiler was also hit with the 4" pad, we grabbed a photo of the finished panel back out in the sun for a direct comparison.

Refining & Finishing

Significant cutting or compounding can be a necessary step in paint correction, and these processes can result in painted surfaces looking slightly 'hazy' or 'dull' with micro-marring from the aggressive polishes being evident on close inspection.

To completely restore the clarity and mirror-like finish to the paint, 3M's long-serving Ultrafina SE was applied on a Meguiars 6.5inch Finishing Pad to the vehicle.

The clarity and depth of the reflections off the vehicle's surface are a testament to the importance of an exceptional finishing polish.

Finally, the vehicle was protected with a coat of Meguiars NXT Tech Wax 2.0.

This serves to 'seal in' the effort spent refining the vehicle's surfaces, and protect the paint from UV radiation as well as water or airborne contaminants.

To complete the detail, the tyres were dressed with Blackfire Long Lasting Tyre Gel, and the arches treated to Meguiars All Season Dressing.

Final Showing

All that remains now is to roll the vehicle out into the sunlight and indulge ourselves in a few choice pictures.

It was gratifying to see this particular car restored to 'showroom condition' after its journey. Despite taking nearly a full 8 hours to turn around, the effort required to achieve a look this good was significantly less than usual. This is directly attributable to the careful maintenance of the paint by its owner.

Though undoubtedly there will be plenty more road trips to come, we are proud to present another top class graduate from the Prestige Finishing School!